Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Welcome to the blog of StairALift!

Welcome to our blog! We are the leading supplier of Stair Lifts and Wheelchair Lifts for stairs in the Charlotte and Wilmington Coastal areas.
For a little history on our business...
Stair-A-Lift was started in 1996. I realized early in my career that this business has a very personal relationship with the client. They are asking for the right answers to their very specific needs. I repeat the motto- "This is a personal need business, so keep it personal" to everyone working in the company and to myself often. 
My 35 years experience in this industry is invaluable to the company. We have built long lasting relationships with every manufacturer of Stair Lift Access Devices. Working with architects, rehab centers, physical therapists, various foundations and advocates along with custom contractors and the end users of these products I've continued to build my knowledge and understanding of the proper applications of each variety of Disability Access Stair Lift equipment and most importantly how persons with specific Physical Mobility Challenges would use the Stair Lifts in their day to day lives.
I always advise that there are 5 crucial reasons to get a Stair Lift:
1. To get your independent living back
2. To help reduce the risk of falling
3. To be able to stay in your home that you are comfortable in and "age in place"
4. To allow people to recover from temporary disability in the comfort of their own home
5. To be able to keep the family in the home and not have to uproot the whole family to accommodate the needs of a family member who may not be as mobile anymore
With over 35 years experience, We provide expertise in installation and efficient service for your Wheelchair & Stair Lift from the Charlotte Region to the Wilmington Coast areas. Call us at 800-228-1779!